Welcome to the AAHP Website. This site has been developed for the primary use of our members to keep them updated on happenings and events within their union. We do invite others to explore the many services and linkages we provide to our members.

AAHP is a union in Newfoundland and Labrador that represents allied health professionals in a variety of disciplines employed in the health science fields. AAHP is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members and our members are dedicated to improving the life of the clients and patients they serve. Together we are Making Life Better.

AAHP Executive (from left to right):

  • Jackie Moulton, V.P. Rural, Pharmacist, Burin Peninsula Health Care
  • Terry Stacey, Secretary - Occupational Therapist, Burin Peninsula Health Care
  • Virginia Whitten, President, Social Worker, Waterford Hospital
  • Gordon Piercey, Treasurer - Social Worker, Janeway Child Health Care
  • Mary Connolly-Wilson, V.P. Metro, Genetic Counsellor, Health Sciences


AAHP Board Members (from left to right):

  • Carolyn Jones, Social Worker, DR. H. Bliss Cancer Center
  • Anne Morgan, Occupational Therapist, Glenbrooke Lodge
  • Karen Evans, Physiotherapist, Burin Peninsula Health Care
  • Colleen Jones-Down, Physiotherapist, Janeway Child Health Center
  • Nadine Harrison-Boyd, Occupational Therapist, Janeway Outreach, Gander
  • Bonnie Tobin, Speech Language Pathologist, Cross Memorial Hospital


 The new collective agreement has been released. Click here to view


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